About Us - Detemis Consultants - Education and immigration base Consulting Firm in Nigeria with emphasis on international study placement, Travel and immigration counselling and processing

About Us

An education and immigration base consultant

Who we are

DETEMIS CONSULTANTS is an Education and immigration base organised service. With emphasis on international study placement, Travel and immigration counselling and processing. Detemis Consultants does not just keep you updated on international friendly opportunities available in countries around the world but also has the relevant capacity to ensure 99.9% success rates in these endeavours.

With over 20years of experience and solid partnerships, client base and international affiliations, all our member clients undoubtedly rest assured as regards to reasonable value on all investment.

We Expose member Clients to study, work and travel opportunities in key countries like: Canada, U.S.A.,U.K, China, Australia, Germany and the likes where opportunities are on the all time rise.

We understand that key information is not readily available online it is why we narrow down the search for all member clients by making a wide variety of relevant information available. We provide:

1. Advice on Courses of study choice as it relates to dynamic educational systems worldwide.
2. College application and admission processing.
3. Long term follow up, processing and advice on immigration processes, Internal News updates on travel and immigration issues, Study, work and Residency permits application and processing.
4. Protocol and assistance in visa, study permits, college and university application and processing.
5. Airport pickups, Chaperoning and follow up services.

As a registered ICEF organization,
Detemis Consultants is equipped with qualified counsellors who help prospective students achieve their educational pursuits in top ranked Pre-University Academies and Universities in international friendly countries around the world.